[DEBATE] : Brutus poem: "Nightsong", 6/1/09

Patrick Bond pbond at mail.ngo.za
Fri Feb 6 03:44:41 GMT 2009

Dennis: "An early poem, circa 1960, written in Port Elizabeth, for a
South African, "A" (subsequently deported). Also applies to Joburg, CT,
and Durban today."


—Dennis Brutus, b. 1924, Zimbabwe

Sleep well, my love, sleep well:
the harbour lights glaze over restless docks,
police cars cockroach through the tunnel streets

from the shanties creaking iron-sheets
violence like a bug-infested rag is tossed
and fear is immanent as sound in the wind-swung bell;

the long day's anger pants from sand and rocks;
but for this breathing night at least,
my land, my love, sleep well.

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